Thursday, May 26, 2011

'that's the end of the joke'

Sometimes I pretend I'm being directed by John Hughes. 

blazer: zara
top and shorts: forever 21

Sunday, May 22, 2011

atx pachanga fest 2011

In midst and depths of utter exhaustion, there are only a few things that can revive my soul: sleep, music, beautiful clothes, Ryan Gosling, and music. Now, when time is working against me and Gosling is out of the question, the only thing I can count on is music. 

This past saturday my body hit rock bottom around noon - an accumulation of long nights and long drives left me feeling much like a zombie. Still, I was determined to make it out to Pachanga Fest. And so I did. There I was dragging around limb by limb - soul unconscious but body still in motion. 

Then, suddenly, it was as if my guardian angel came down from her jukebox shaped cloud and stabbed my arm with a heavy dose of some illegal drug - I was alive! Guardian angel no where in sight, I realized it was the music playing that had revived my soul. It was the cumbias. It was that spanish flare in the rhythm and beat of the music that had my shoulders shrugging and my feet prancing. It was enough to keep me going the entire evening - 5 blissful hours of one hell of a time.

dress: zara
belt: american apparel
shades: urban
shoes: target

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i grew up with lots of characters - just like mack the knife

life is a pleasant thing - if you let it be.

top: forever 21
pants: zara
hat & shoes: target

Monday, May 9, 2011

hold me now

words: the crowd was big and vibrant, the men were attractive and smelly, and the music kept my foot tappin' and my head boppin'.

top: gap
shorts: bdg
belt: aldo
shoes: forever 21

Saturday, May 7, 2011

only love can break your heart

Friday night was one of those nights I wish I had more of. One of the members from Hacienda along with some of his buddies put on a very intimate show in a small building in downtown Laredo. It was the perfect amount of people in the perfect space. It was a good night. 

dress and belt: american apparel
vest: forever 21
shoes: target