Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ain't the only one havin' fun

Every now and then, you come across performances so good and so alive that they explain the evolutionary purpose of music, shows, and beer of course (apparently, more than just a beverage - a good way to pump up the crowd and subsequently get that 'just out of the shower' look. See photos above). Two nights ago was one of those nights. 

Turbo Fruits and Pujol both from Nashville came down to good ol' Laredo with good set-lists and evidently the determination to rock our pants off. In fact, I'm almost certain that had I inappropriately searched their pockets, I would have found a similar "to do" list in every single one with the same number one priority: "Show Laredo a Fucking Amazing Time." 

I'm pretty sure they've all scratched it off the list now. The night was perfection. Nope, wouldn't change a thing. It was the sort of night that assures you the cosmos had something to do with it. The cosmos were somehow responsible for making sure all the ingredients were in order for an awesome time. The music was good, the people had soul, and the dance moves were impeccable. What more could you ask for? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you missed it, here's what you should be asking for - a recollection of the night: