Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hello lover, where are you?

She is so effortless and cool. I love her style. She's an inspiration, enough said. I'd like to find a city I call "lover." I should probably find a "husband" first.

Friday, November 26, 2010

night on the sun

This week was hell - maybe that's why I look so pissed off in these photos. I put in a lot of overtime at work. An abundance of music and coffee, and a few cigarettes kept me sane. Sane enough to want to go out after 12 and 14 hour shifts. Anyhow, I guess all I wanted to do was forget about time. 

Modest Mouse helped. They are without a doubt one of my favorite bands. I enjoy listening to them at 6am while I'm at work. Night on the Sun is always an essential to any 6am playlist. There's a particular part in the song that I can rewind back to over and over. It's near the end. It goes: 

There's one thing to know about this town
It's five hundred miles underground; and that's ok, that's alright' that's alright.
There's one thing to know about this earth
We're put here just to make more dirt; and that's ok, that's alright, that's alright.
Well there's one thing to know about this globe
It's bound and it's willing to explode; and that's ok, that's alright, that's alright.
Well there's one thing to know about this town
It's five hundred miles underground; it's alright, It's alright

It doesn't necessarily make me feel better or worse - I guess it just soothes my soul in just the right way. It gets me thinking and once that starts time just flies. I guess when you're working 12 hour shifts that's all you could hope for. Anyhow, just in case you're curious...here it is: 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

every smile was so delicate, floated 'round till the nights would end

This was my Thanksgiving Eve outfit. Sometimes I only go out so I can dress up. I could have easily dragged the night out with friends, but I opted for a lonesome cigarette in my car. This was followed by a small photo shoot. Therefore, last night and this thanksgiving I give thanks and kudos to timers on cameras. Sure they may limit the possibilities but when no one is around to snap a photo, it's the only possibility.

I'm also grateful for Deer Tick and their song Little White Lies. I've listened to this song so many times since I first heard it a couple months back. It's one of those songs I know I could have easily written because the feelings behind it were and still are there, but I'm just too clumsy with words. The singer is an amazing lyricist. Listen carefully for yourself:

Sweater: Heritage (Forever 21)
Shorts: BDG
Boots: Vince Camuto

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

así que muévete pa' aquí amor

I chose the wrong holiday season to start a blog. I wore this last week and I'm just now posting the look. I have to get better at setting time aside to photograph my looks and submit posts. 

I'm going through a Devendra Banhart phase. I adore him. I'm currently addicted to his album Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. His song Samba Vexillographica is the coffee to my 6:00 am mornings and the beer to my long nights: it keeps me going...makes me feel alive and well...makes me want to move.

With my Devendra Banhart phase comes a bit of a bohemian phase as well. His music is so fluid and free, and so I wake up in the mornings wanting to feel and look that way. Listen for yourself:

Dress and Hat: Forever 21
Belt: Zara
Jacket: Express

Saturday, November 20, 2010

i raise my flag up into your heart, you let the winds come tear it apart

My little sister convinced me to climb on top of the brick wall that divides our lawn from the neighbor's. Her crazy idea gave birth to some very memorable pictures. I give her all (well at least the majority) of the credit.

It wasn't until I looked at the photos that I realized how fitting Dead Man's Bones song Name In Stone was to our little photo shoot - as was my little black and white ensemble. Their self titled album has a very ghostly spirit to it. When you hear it - the album that is, you can't help but pinch yourself to make sure you're still alive. You have to make sure you weren't transported to some alternate universe where zombies are everyday musicians who write hauntingly catchy tunes. Now if this alternate universe did exist, I think I'd fit right in as a groupie with this little outfit.

This song in particular is my favorite song by the band. It might very well be because Ryan Gosling looks so handsome in the video - then again, when doesn't he? The chorus to this song is just...just right on. There's probably an infinity amount of ways one could describe heartbreak. Now, out of those infinity ways there are only a few that are articulated so well that they are understood by the masses. Ryan's version is so simple yet thoughtful. He nailed it. It stays with you. One day I'd like to look at a past lover in the eye and say, "I raised my flag up into your heart. You let the winds come tear it apart." If you didn't already guess it, that there was the chorus. In case you're curious, here it is:

Top: American Apparel
Pants: Charlotte Russe
Vest: Limited
Sunnies: Ray Ban

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

first post

Ropa, sonidos, y otras cosas translates to clothes, sounds, and other things in english (respectively). The "other things" are basic third planet native interests: movies, art, all things esthetically pleasing. These things all influence me, influence each other, and play a large part in how I am - not necessarily who I am. I'd like to keep a record of these things - things I wore, listened to, or saw. 

I decided on the name Jukebox Closet because my outfit choices are very often a reflection of what it is my mental jukebox was playing that morning. And the clothing, well that I pick and choose much like I would select a tune off of a very old jukebox with a fairly respectable eclectic selection: I skim, skim, skim before I decide on one. I go through phases - some longer than others. For anyone out there...you'll see.