Thursday, December 1, 2011

i need your love

the song that you will hopefully soon be listening to is one by a band i got to see over this past weekend. they go by Bright Light Social Hour. and it is indeed a fitting name considering that is precisely how i'd describe the show: a bright light social hour. 

for a second, let's put aside the oh so evident fact that they've got some enticingly good, body shaking riffs and perfectly catchy lyrics and choruses (you know, the sort of choruses that don't grow old and weary). facts aside and very simply put, these guys are entertainers. they are a gift from the Gods of Good Times, brought to to this sometimes mundane world to bring pleasure to the sort of folks that like to do more than just sing a long to good tunes - the sort that like to consume the music and let it in (cheesy, i know).

and we all know what happens once you let the music in, we move, we dance, sometimes other folks grind but whatever - the movement is the product of something divine. you see, their music is the sort that can't contain itself in the inside realms of our bodies, so it drives us to groove, shake, and unwind. it is its only way out, it's the only way the music can release itself. it's a beautiful thing ain't it?

oh, i shall ramble no longer! watch the video. these guys are good. thanks B Live Promotions.

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