Sunday, January 22, 2012

nobody's right if everybody's wrong


I don't think it's possible for me to walk into Zara and walk out empty handed. Case in point, a couple of weeks back I went in there with no intention of purchasing anything in particular; and yet, as I approached the cash-wrap with an arms full of times, it seemed impossible to eliminate any one of them. And I'm glad I didn't, I'd rather the dent in my wallet than waking up in the mornings and not having this skirt as an option to wear - the same goes for all the other items I can't seem to live without now. 
Now, whenever I seem to get so wrapped up in the items in my closet or in fashion, I like to listen to Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth to keep in check. Silly, but it works.


  1. this is so chic!!i love ur sheer how u teamed it wth ur sweater..perfect:)

  2. adore your skirt :D

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