Sunday, June 17, 2012

where's my home?

I wake up, rise to the sun. I go to work and I come back home.
-Alabama Shakes

So I've been obsessing over "Rise to the Sun" by Alabama Shakes and have wanted to share the tune with you and I've also been meaning to share some shots of my fairly new digs, so I figured what better way to put that two bird and one stone cliche to the test than with these two desires. However, as always, there is a dilemma. You see, these two desires are opposing forces, one on each end of the spectrum. Conundrum! 
Above there are lovely photographs of a home that I adore, but, as you soon will see as you scroll down, below there's a soulful young lady asking "I feel so homesick. Where is my home?" - a question that's been rapidly circulating in my mind. Which, don't you love when you so randomly are presented with songs that perfectly articulate your current state of mind? I like to refer to it as musical serendipity. I totally just made that up.
Anyway, so as much as I love my new place and the one before, I still don't feel at home. That sort of thing is something that comes from within though, it goes far deeper than the cement my place sits on. Still, a triple digit change in zip-code or even country might help. So all this rambling in an initial attempt to save this post from coming across as hypocritical and I'm pretty certain I just shed a big, bright light on it instead. Just check out the video and a few of the lyrics!

all I believe in is a dream
I haunt the earth though I am fully seen
in all my years I've never felt more sure than now
well I've got to get off this rock somehow

I feel so homesick
where's my home
where I belong
where I was born
I was told to go 
where the wind would blow
and it blows away - away

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