Tuesday, January 18, 2011

put me in your suitcase

I had a wedding date this past Saturday. I had such a good night. It left a permanent mark in my memory bank - a mark that'll bring smiles, laughs, and maybe even tears one day when I look back. I stupidly left my camera in the car, so I had to recreate the look Sunday night. Hmmm...I suppose I was subconsciously confident that I wouldn't need photos to remember how good we looked or how much fun we had. I will admit that I had envisioned some whimsy shots in my head with me and my date, but I suppose I'll have to save those ideas for a later time. The background is pretty dull in all these shots but I figured I'd let the outfit absorb your full attention. 
My attention on the other hand is very much focused on the song playing in my mental jukebox: At the Hop by Devendra Banhart. I like it. I like him. Enjoy:


  1. Beeee-Utiful!I love it! I wish I could wear that skirt. I tried it on, but of course I'm like half your size, so you can just imagine how it looked on me. I really considered buying it and hemming like half off the bottom-too much work though haha :)

  2. BTW, you're totally reminding me of Carrie B. right about now...

  3. haha, the skirt is my favorite thing right now. i have another two outfits in mind for it. now i just need occasions! Oh and I was totally trying to channel Carrie B. circa season 6 (last four episodes specifically). haha. I love that you got it!