Monday, March 28, 2011

i know i look high, but i'm just free dancing

Little sis, Cristobal, and myself were finally reunited today. I've had several long days and even longer nights recently, so I was so glad to be off work today. I put on this ensemble to run a few errands and grab some corn and raspas.
On the way over there, we listened to Devendra Banhart's album What Will Be. I've been listening more and more to this particular album and I'm developing a bit of a crush for it. It's stands apart in sound from his other stuff - in a good way. I love that he experiments, which is why my Devendra Banhart phase continues. I'm obsessed. (Oh no, that's never good!) The song I'm about to post is from that album and is a great song to listen to on the road with the window down (just don't forget the star shaped sunglasses).

top and necklace: forever 21
pants: american apparel
bag: aldo
shades: grocery store

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