Monday, March 7, 2011

...cause my god gave me a rod for fishing

My little sister took me on quite the adventure this morning. We set out to Chacon Creek - not much of a creek but the overpass made for a great background. It's a desolate area, and the graffiti walls and frequent sound of cars passing overhead made for quite the unsettling experience. I frequently checked all angles to ensure there were no rapist or serial killers lurking around the corner. The chills were worth it, I was very pleased with the outcome.

Today's tune is Me, My Yoke, and I by Damien Rice. It's a great piece of creative work. It belongs with the sexy likes of Led Zeppelin's - Since I've Been Loving You and Marvin Gaye's classic Let's Get It On. Damien Rice is just a little more clever and allusive about it.

skirt and top: forever 21
bolero: urban renewal
shoes and necklace: aldo

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