Thursday, June 16, 2011

everyone one of us escapes

the majority of these photos were taken at the laredo center for the arts. two were taken outside the old theatre downtown which appears to be under construction - i hope it's opening again! the song i'm posting is a favorite, it's a beauty. it shuffled it's way into our mix of music on our way downtown, and it was then i decided it would be featured with this post. if you're lost and feeling low, circumnavigate the globe...or just press play and listen to the song.

skirt: anthropologie
dress (worn as top): urban outfitters
jacket: gap


  1. Yay for the skirt! I LOVE IT! Such good pictures, friend! I thought that first one was a painting when I first saw it haha. And I so did not think that was in Laredo!

  2. I heart this photo-shoot and downtown Laredo!!!

  3. i know, i'm so glad i decided to purchase it. oh and monica, i think we make a great team - i love all the photos!