Monday, June 6, 2011

...i laugh more often now, i cry more often now, i am more me

Attention people of the world: If you have yet to see Peter, Bjorn and John live, you need to purchase tickets to their next show immediately. Immediately! Needless to say, they were amazing.
Peter is by far one of the most lively and uninhibited artist out there. His dance moves alone would have been enough to keep me entertained the entire night. Oh and his energy, his energy radiates from inside of him and brightens the deepest crevasse in your heart - before you know it, every muscle in your body is pulsing to the rhythm of their music.
We left the show completely intoxicated from the music. There we were slurring our words and rambling as we tried to recollect and reminisce our favorite moments - we were drunk on happiness. We were like teenage girls just having left a Justin Bieber show.
The solo drive home the next day proved to be quite interesting when I realized my thoughts were deep in conversation with one another - deep in conversation about how great the night was and how I need to travel to Sweden in hopes of finding a man that wears pants and blazers like Peter, Bjorn, and John. Then my thoughts preceded to break out in song. Then I broke out in song. Gosh I love music.

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