Tuesday, September 20, 2011

satan said dance

on the brink of heat exhaustion, there are only a few things that can keep a girl like me going. you know, things like Oscar de la Renta, Ryan Gosling, pizza, big city malls, Funny Girl, and extremely good music.

i remember attending ACL last year and discovering something awful: i am not a festival gal (at least not a South Texas one) – blame it on the unbearable heat and my self-diagnosed claustrophobia. nope, i prefer the more intimate settings of a bar or a stadium – one band at a time por favor!

ask me then, why it is agreed to attend the Sunday show. i guess my memory is far worse then i imagined. that and well, the lineup lured me into la, la land where there is no such thing as 100 degree weather.

still, the excitement of deciding what to wear – i went the rock route versus the bohemian one – and a couple of the shows (the walkmen and broken social scene especially) made all the sweat, beer runs, and money spent worth it. i don't even want to calculate how much money i spent on beer - precisely why i couldn't quite appreciate the latter shows. oh well! there were plenty of good times made regardless.

i wanted to post this song by the walkmen but i was unable to find it, so i'm gonna post a song that i love and that for me sums up that lovely sunday.

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