Monday, November 14, 2011

but it's always darkest before the dawn

i love when i come across something i completely forgot i owned. i don't know why it is i had this slip (worn as dress) tucked away in a drawer - what was i thinking? the second my eyes set on that lace detailing i knew exactly what it is i would wear. lucky for me too, the weather was on the warmer side.

Now on a more musical/personal note, I'm very much in la la love with Florence and the Machine's new single "Shake it Out." The lyrics especially touch a special place in a hidden crevasse in this girls heart. The song is inspiring - to say the least. I suppose I'm..."looking for heaven, for the devil in me." I've said too much already. Enjoy the song...


  1. Goorgeous dress and such beautiful pictures...!
    i really like ur sense of style... i'm happy to follow here ;-)
    xoxo StyleMafia

  2. I love your style!! all of your looks are really fashionable!! Following you!!!

    Sarah Marie