Friday, November 11, 2011

take my hand, take my whole life too

some things are meant to be

You know, like the preview to the movie 'Like Crazy' playing as I'm deciding on a song. Funny enough, the Elvis cover featured in the preview has been on my mind - blame it on that sweet, tear jerker of a trailer. I was hoping I could catch the movie this weekend but it failed to make its way down to Laredo. Shame. I'll just settle for the tune in the mean time. 

skirt: anthropologie
jacket: express
jumper: forever 21
belt: zara


  1. Maybe blogger is being dumb because it never tells me you have new posts! Grr...I love this dress! So pretty. The color is great on you too.

  2. i'll submit a complaint to the complaint department on your behalf. haha, thanks love!