Saturday, April 28, 2012

just acting tough

So I visited Austin during the week and saw the lovely and talented Leslie Feist in concert at Stubbs. I put on my tough girl gear and waited out in the heat for four hours to guarantee the perfect spot – dead center and against the rail. You've never seen a show until you've had said view, aside from being up close and personal, there's something about waiting out in desperation for hours that elevates the entire experience too. Or maybe I just get something out of acting the role of a die hard fan...a sweaty one at that!!
The denim jacket obviously came off at some point, give or take some time between the millionth drop of sweat and the ten millionth drop. Oh but the heat exhaustion was very much worth it, she is more beautiful and amazing live than any camera or video will ever do her justice. She's the ideal charmer, and she posses an effortless wit that makes you doubt your sexual orientation. Dramatic much? Seriously though, she's the epitome of everything a performer should be, her victims can't help but fall in love with her and her music. If at all possible, I believe I love her more now than ever - on a standard person's love scale that doesn't calculate to a lot, but on my crazy, almost unrealistic love scale, it's COCKAMAMIE!

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