Saturday, April 14, 2012

wildwood flower

I sported this here ensemble to work the other day. I know my floral little number looks like a skirt, but it's actually a pair of incredibly comfortable shorts. They definitely brought some much needed color and excitement to my day. I was having a case of the mean reds (Breakfast at Tiffany's reference, anyone??). I know my declared state of mind is questionable considering I appear relatively jolly in the photos. I suppose snapping photos for me is my take on having breakfast at Tiffany's, my own personal remedy for an otherwise terminal illness - exaggerate much?? Seriously though, it (snapping photos that is) is my cure-all for any symptom and the only pick-me-up when I self-diagnose myself with the mean reds. 

Music following closely behind in second of course. What better song than than Wildwood Flower to attach to this post, it's perfectly depressing and fitting. Although it doesn't really correlate with much of anything going on right now, it's a beautiful song I happen to love. Oddly enough, I really do enjoy Reese Witherspoon's take on it. Enjoy :)

shorts: mango
top: aeropostale
necklace: forever 21
shoes/bag: aldo

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