Sunday, April 8, 2012


"Now that everything is going to be okay, now that everything is going to be alright, what if baby I can not see the sound? what if baby I can not hear the light?"

One of my favorite Pandora stations to listen to is Tune Yards. It's rare that I have to resort to skipping a tune or, worse, giving it the thumbs down. That station always seems to put me in a feel good mood - you know, the sort of mood that is required before and whilst strutting around in 4 inch, turquoise heels. It had been awhile since I rocked a pair, oh how I missed that aching yet oh so satisfying feeling - 4 inches just gives a gal a certain air, a cool and collected feeling. Now if only I could have as a cool of a rhythm and flare as Ms. Merrill Garbus...

top: zara (new)
pants: zara
shoes: aldo
clutch: aldo
necklace: forever 21 (new)

1 comment:

  1. The necklace and the shoes are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!