Wednesday, November 24, 2010

así que muévete pa' aquí amor

I chose the wrong holiday season to start a blog. I wore this last week and I'm just now posting the look. I have to get better at setting time aside to photograph my looks and submit posts. 

I'm going through a Devendra Banhart phase. I adore him. I'm currently addicted to his album Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. His song Samba Vexillographica is the coffee to my 6:00 am mornings and the beer to my long nights: it keeps me going...makes me feel alive and well...makes me want to move.

With my Devendra Banhart phase comes a bit of a bohemian phase as well. His music is so fluid and free, and so I wake up in the mornings wanting to feel and look that way. Listen for yourself:

Dress and Hat: Forever 21
Belt: Zara
Jacket: Express

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