Wednesday, November 17, 2010

first post

Ropa, sonidos, y otras cosas translates to clothes, sounds, and other things in english (respectively). The "other things" are basic third planet native interests: movies, art, all things esthetically pleasing. These things all influence me, influence each other, and play a large part in how I am - not necessarily who I am. I'd like to keep a record of these things - things I wore, listened to, or saw. 

I decided on the name Jukebox Closet because my outfit choices are very often a reflection of what it is my mental jukebox was playing that morning. And the clothing, well that I pick and choose much like I would select a tune off of a very old jukebox with a fairly respectable eclectic selection: I skim, skim, skim before I decide on one. I go through phases - some longer than others. For anyone out'll see. 

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  1. I like this, nice and subtle and not too much, but just enough and not a lot :D