Wednesday, February 9, 2011

soy el perro a tus pies que te muerde la costilla

(This was Saturday's outfit...better late than never.)

I first heard the song I'm about to post on a road trip with my sister Andrea. Had she not heard this song a couple years back, Devendra Banhart would have been as unfamiliar to me as baseball teams or world geography. You see, had Andrea not accidentally stumbled across this song a couple years back and then downloaded his album onto the Scientist (my lap buddy), then I wouldn't have accidentally come across his music as I shuffled through my i-tunes selection a couple years later. It certainly took awhile before I crossed paths with Devendra, but I'm ever grateful I did. It was fate.

I digress. I'm not sure if I believe in fate, but sometimes things are just too crazy or too coincidental to be regarded as anything less than the work of some omnipresent force. Maybe it's just the work of the man on the moon?

Now back to Devendra....There's something about his music, his lyrics, his voice. No matter my mood, I can always rely on Devendra to compliment it. Some of his lyrics are odd, but it's their obscurity that keeps me playing the songs over and over and over again. They're as unique as how I feel right now.  I feel a lot of something and nothing right now. I am certain of only one thing at this moment, and that is...that I absolutely love this song:

pants: zara
blazer: kimchi blue
leotard: american apparel
shoes: aldo

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