Thursday, December 23, 2010

feet on the ground head on the sky

Sometimes it's hard finding outfits that can withstand 10 hour shifts at work. This one worked out quite well, but I inevitably removed the blazer cause it got pretty warm with all them shoppers. It was a long, hectic day, so I convinced the little sis to accompany me to a local bar for a cold brewski. It was karaoke night, but we decided to play the role of the audience instead of the drunken, wannabe singers. We weren't a very attentive audience considering we mostly talked about songs we'd love to perform one day, among them: Hey by the Pixies, This Must Be The Place by the Talking Heads, Little Bit by Lykke Li, and Electric Feel by MGMT. I'm sure one day we'll either have one too many or none too many and convince our fragile egos to get up and sing. I hope we decide on This Must Be The Place, it's such a good tune. Nod your head and press play:

Blazer: Silence and Noise
Jeans: BDG
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Top and Scarf: Charlotte Russe

1 comment:

  1. I hope we can sing this at karaoke one day and all the other songs too. I'll keep thinking of cool songs to sing. As for the outfit, I must say it looks sharp. I love that khaki coat/jacket/blazer on you :D perhaps your best jacket ever