Tuesday, December 7, 2010

things are coming into focus

I work in retail as a visual merchandiser, so very often my schedule mimics that of a blood sucking vampire: my nights are long and my days are short. I took these shots right before I headed out to work last night. The most crucial item inside my bag is without a doubt my Ipod (aka Charmer). Charmer is the blood that quenches my thirst at the wee hours of the morning. My little sister was nice enough to create a playlist for me made up of the coolest 179 songs she could think of. To my surprise and misfortune, I was unable to get thru the entire playlist - work got in the way of that. 

The playlist had several songs by Heartless Bastards. Now, I'm not sure how it is that they were convinced, but they will be making there way down to Laredo (my hometown) next weekend to play a show at a local bar. Thus, the reason why my little sister felt the need to bombarde me with these guys on said playlist. I was extremely pleased that she did though. The singer has a killer voice - it's a bit androgynous which I absolutely love. I am most excited to hear them play Into the Open. Little sis' has been parading around the house for at least a week now singing this song. I guess it really grew on me.

I think I could very well cry when I hear the song, I guess it put things into focus. For now, I'll just sing a long. You should too: 

Sweater, Jacket: Gap
Shoes, Purse: Forever 21


  1. once again love the post, you are good with words, "androgynous voice" couldn't have said it better myself

  2. thank you my one and only follower :)